Sunday, September 26, 2010

URGENT Winter Heating Aid Collection for Pine Ridge/Oglala Lakota Reservation

The church I'm working at, St. Andrews Omaha is in the process this month of raising desperately needed winter heating fuel for needy Oglala Lakota families of Pine Ridge Reservation. As some of of my friends may remember, last winter was brutal to many tribes out here, and another hard one is feared this year. A real matter of life and death for many folks (especially the elders and children), efforts like this are a lifeline to the community in some of the harshest US winters outside of Alaska.

There were tragic conditions last winter when $$ ran out, and our friends and church leadership on Pine Ridge consider it urgent to be better prepared, and able to maximize donations value by buying propane early at low prices.

If anyone has interest in helping from afar, even a few dollars please feel free to drop me a comment here or via email (kconroy42 @ It will be distributed through our trusted contacts with a Lakota church and their Priest, Cordelia Red Owl. These two churches have been working together for many years, and I'll hopefully be meeting some of these folks on a supply run in November.

For people closer/able to send other supplies, St. Andrews is also
collecting warm clothing, essp for children 0-12 years of age, and lastly some craft supplies for their children's programs.

Our friends' church involved distributing our aid, Church of the Redeemer near Kyle, SD. Their prayers and mass are entirely in the Lakota language. St. Andrews youth and adults are honored to work with them in annual youth visits and service projects each year .

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